I’m Alyssa Stump and I am a jewelry designer from Denver, Colorado. I am self-taught and have been creating jewelry for a little over ten years, since I was just a teenager.

I have this burning desire to make the world a better place somehow. I’m trying to do that that by helping people find beautiful pieces of handcrafted jewelry and by spreading the word about the incredible hemp plant.

With every first-time order placed, my clients find a brief list of facts about the plant and what it can do for our world – printed on paper made from hemp.

Please check out my page on the hemp plant to learn more!

ParadiseHemp Has Two Goals:

1. To create an affordable and sustainable jewelry line that focuses on the benefits of hemp, as well as the power of gemstones.

2. To educate and inform people about everything hemp has to offer, and to get hemp into as many people’s hands as possible.

I am most inspired when you are. And one thing I thrive on is custom orders that you get to help design. I love helping people find the perfect piece of jewelry for themselves, or a loved one, and I aim to provide the highest level of client service I can.

With every hemp purchase, you will receive handcrafted hemp jewelry care instructions, a sheet with facts about hemp, and a note from ParadiseHemp.

If you would ever like to design a custom piece at an affordable cost, or if you have an issue with an order, please do not hesitate to contact me! My contact page can be found here.