Products, such as jewelry and clothing, made from hemp fibers may be stiff or scratchy at first, but in time and with wear, they will become softer. 

 Taking care of hemp jewelry is very simple!

A new piece of hemp jewelry may be stiff at first, but will become softer & more comfortable as it’s worn & broken in.

Some people choose to shower, exercise & swim in hemp jewelry. This is typically not recommended, as it might cause your hemp jewelry to discolor & cause the macramé knot pattern to appear fuzzy. If you want your hemp jewelry to keep that “new” look, always refrain from getting it wet.

If you need to clean your hemp jewelry, use a tiny amount of liquid soap in a sink full of warm water. Carefully wash or just soak the necklace (not for more than half an hour), rinse well, then lay flat on a small towel until dry.

If your hemp jewelry contains beads, especially wood ones, be careful when washing them. They can lose their protective seal & possibly warp or discolor. Glass beads & pendants may break if you are not careful.