Bloodstone Mala Necklace (108 Beads)


Necklace Length: 19″

Bead Size: 6mm

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Mala necklaces are a string of 108 beads, usually knotted (in addition to one guru bead) that are used as a meditation tool. Mala necklaces help the person wearing it focus while they recite their mantra in a set of 108. Malas can be made from many materials which include wood, crystals, and gemstones. Even when they are not being used for meditation at the time, they can help the person wearing it feel a sense a peace and mindfulness. Their ability to focus on their intention is greater while wearing a mala.

Bloodstone is an intense healing stone used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart, and is conducive to balancing the total body in order to overcome any distress or anxiety associated with re-alignment of these energies.

Handmade in Denver, Colorado.



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